The Man in the Black Cape, Sephiroth

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The Man in the Black Cape, Sephiroth  Empty The Man in the Black Cape, Sephiroth

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The Man in the Black Cape, Sephiroth  Tumblr_lmentzdrhP1qghk90o1_400

From: Final Fantasy
Key weapons:Masamune,
Strength-9, speed-9, endurance-8, Intelligence-9

Sephiroth's existence and will is extremely powerful. There is nothing stronger, nothing above him."

Sephiroth is a master swordsman and has superhuman strength, agility and reflexes. He is able to produce beams of energy by swinging his sword, dash past or up to opponents in the blink of an eye and can effortlessly cut through solid metal and concrete with his signature weapon, the Masamune. He has great magical abilities, and is equipped with a full set of Mastered Materia in Final Fantasy VII. In Crisis Core he is able to teleport, the only Final Fantasy game where he can do this, but he also has this ability in the Kingdom Hearts series. In addition, in the same game, he seems to have the power of flight, as evidenced during his sparring match with Genesis as well as his fight with Zack Fair in the Mt. Nibel reactor core. Zack Fair, Genesis Rhapsodos, Elfé, Lightning and the Warrior of Light have been able to battle Sephiroth competently, but with most of these fights it is implied he held back or was not fighting at his full potential. Only Cloud has shown the consistent ability to best Sephiroth in battle across his various appearances and levels of power.

Following his immersion in the Lifestream, Sephiroth gains the ability use magic without the need for Materia, and can manifest the Masamune from the Lifestream by willing it to appear. Having taken over Jenova, he is able to shapeshift her cells into his visage and other forms. This allows Sephiroth to remain "alive" in a sense even when dead by morphing Jenova's cells into a new body for himself to act through from within the Lifestream, but his ability to do this seems limited.As an extension of his control over Jenova, Sephiroth is able to control the "negative Lifestream" composed of those killed by Geostigma, as shown in Advent Children. In Advent Children, Sephiroth has the ability to fly, and in his EX Mode in Dissidia, has the ability to glide using his wing.

Sephiroth's trademark attack is Supernova, his ultimate attack when faced as Safer∙Sephiroth. Crisis Core and Dissidia present Supernova as his Limit Break. Sephiroth's other trademark attacks are Heartless Angel, a move that drains the opponent's HP to a single point, Octaslash, a sequence of eight sword attacks, and Shadow Flare, a barrage of dark energy orbs. In Kingdom Hearts and Dissidia, he is also able to use variations of Meteor.

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