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Alucard The Immortal Alucard

Name:Dracula (Alucard)
From:Van Hellsing
Key weapons:twin large caliber handguns
Strength-8, speed-7, endurance-10, Intelligence-8

Alucard is immortal and does not age, although this is limited to the amount of humans he has devoured, which number in the millions.[14] Other characters have difficulty wounding him, and when injured he reforms.[15] He cannot be destroyed via decapitation or being staked through the heart.[16] He exhibits incredible accuracy when firing his twin large caliber handguns, and is capable of accurately shooting targets while looking the other way.[17][18] He can tear humans apart with ease and move faster than the eye can see.[19] He is seen passing through walls[20] and moving up vertical surfaces.[21] He shapeshifts into various forms, including bats,[22] arthropods,[23] demonic dogs,[24] amorphous masses of darkness,[25] and humanoid forms.[26][27] He communicates telepathically with Seras[19] and can hypnotize other characters.[7] He can absorb memories through blood[28] and is immune to sunlight.[29] His power is restrained by a series of seals pressumebly made by Hellsing. Once all his seals are removed, he can unleash the full power of all the souls he has devoured, effectively summoning them under his control. In this state, he is also seen with a medieval armor and sword. He also has the power to make giant spikes grow out of the ground.


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