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Asura, The Kishin Asura_kishin_3979

Name: Asura
From: Soul Eater
Key weapons: Vajra
Strength-8, speed-8, endurance-8, intelligence-8

He was the strongest and most feared member of the Shinigami's "Eight Powerful Warriors". Shinigami once viewed Asura as his equal in might.

Asura has a wide range of attacks which generally can cause a large amount of damage even if blocked.
Asura producing Vajra from his mouth.
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Vajra: Though Asura ate his Weapon partner, he can regurgitate it partially so that the pointed end extends from his mouth; he can still use the weapon in this state. He can rush the enemy while using his soul wavelength to create a twister-like air current around him, turning himself into a human drill. This attack was strong enough to break through Shinigami's shield and blow a hole through his body. Asura can also fire a powerful beam of energy from the tip of his weapon.

Asura preparing his Compressed Wavelength attack.
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Compressed Soul Wavelength Beams: Not named as of yet, this attack begins with Asura folding his hands in a manner similar to praying, before creating small spheres of soul energy which become two circular eye-like symbols that both release a very powerful beam of energy.
Asura defends using his Skin Scarves
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Skin Scarves: These scarves are made from Asura's own skin, giving him complete control over them. This allows him to use them as extra limbs or to shield himself from attacks.
Black Blood: In the anime, Asura's black blood allows him to recover from even severe injuries very quickly. He can regenerate lost limbs instantly and seems to have some form of resistance against attacks that would ordinarily destroy a Kishin. In the manga it is stated by Justin, Asura too feels the effects Crona's Black Blood.
Shield: In the second fight between Asura and Shinigami in the anime, he was seen using a shield similar to Shinigami's, in the form of a red circle. It is filled with numerous symbols, most likely of Hindu or Buddhist origin.
Clown Generation: In the Manga, when the Madness Wavelength he gives off concentrates into a specific area, it is implyed in theory that it would create a contagiom of madness called Clowns, who's purpose is to simply spread the madness further.


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