[Round One] Shadow VS MechaGodzilla

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[Round One] Shadow VS MechaGodzilla Empty [Round One] Shadow VS MechaGodzilla

Post  Soul on Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:21 am

[Round One] Shadow VS MechaGodzilla Shadow-The-Hedgehog VS [Round One] Shadow VS MechaGodzilla 1247410377_8241_full

Ok Shadow Versus Mechagodzilla is open, we have edited the rules some so instead of a open vote at the start, both the owners of shadows and mecha must post their starting defense. No one post anything until these two have posted first, then we can add in where we feel fit. After a few round of evidence and disscusion i will open a vote.

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[Round One] Shadow VS MechaGodzilla Empty Re: [Round One] Shadow VS MechaGodzilla

Post  chicklet on Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:26 pm

Ok this battle will be very interesting. lets begin the evil factor because its very important, mecha godzilla is not evil at all he is a giant emotionless robot however the people controlling him may be called "evil" but i still dont think so he is just a huge pile of scrap metal. Shadow on the other hand is evil in some ways Dr. robotnic created shadow to be evil the anti-sonic he was made to cause destruction and thats what he did until he lost his best friend who was dr. robotnics daughter who was killed and he vowed revenge and then he resumed that destruction. Although it was for a good cause sometimes he had evil intentions.

The second thing is that shadow is very strong and extremely fast, he is even faster than sonic which can already break the speed of light so thats fast. This level of speed would be a great advantage against macha godzilla because he is relatively slow and if he launches a barrage of missiles and bullets shadow can dodge them and do one of his awsome abilities.

Speaking of abilities shadow can move at the speed of light, by using this to his advantage he can do spinning attacks similar to sonic which we can see him sometimes break through metal and thats exactly what godzilla is made of and its probably some cheap chinese made metal that babies can bend so...

if mecha godzilla comes at shadow with guns and large machinery he is smart enough to grab some of those missiles and using the momentum from his speed to launch the missiles right back at him.

And not to mention shadow has chaos control which is the ability to control the power of the chaos emeralds that turns shadow into super shadow which gives him the ability to move faster and stronger and also gives him the ability of flight.

The chaos emeralds also let him lock into there power and launch super awsome chaos powers that can screw up metal.

The last thing im going to talk about is the fact that mecha godzilla will never be able to touch shadow because the chaos emeralds lets shadow to warp time . so if he realy needed to he could stop time and just kill the little chinese man hiding inside the giant metal deathtrap.

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