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Sasuke Uchiha Sasuke

Name: Sasuke Uchiha
From: Naruto
Key weapons: Sharingan, lightning, sword
Strength-9, speed-9, endurance-9, Intelligence-8

Sasuke is established as a genius, even by the battle-excelling Uchiha clan's standards at the series' start, excelling at all that he does and finding little difficulty in more challenging tasks. Scoring the highest in the performance tests and one of the highest in written tests, he easily graduated at the top of his class in the Academy. His prowess with Uchiha Fire Release and weapon-based techniques surprised Kakashi during their first training session. Madara, Itachi, and Orochimaru have all stated that Sasuke possesses the unique potential to become much stronger than Itachi, who was already considered a genius above all others. Orochimaru even mentioned that Sasuke is stronger than the former was at the same age, when he was training Sasuke in Part II of the story.[10][11] Madara has also stated to Zetsu that in time, Sasuke could become more powerful than Nagato.[12]

By Part II, he develops much of his potential and becomes a very powerful ninja, strong enough to fight on par with several highly skilled shinobi. Admittedly, in his battle against Orochimaru, Sasuke downplays his victory, and attributes it to Orochimaru's sickly state.[13] According to Madara, Itachi had already determined the outcome of their fight, and was sick as he was using medicine to prolong his life. However, Sasuke managed to defeat Deidara, an S-rank ninja well known for his abilities, without any form of handicaps. After receiving his Mangekyō Sharingan, Sasuke proved capable of holding his own against at least two Kage and their bodyguards, before being weakened to the point of exhaustion due to his battle with them.

Sasuke is shown possessing a high amount of chakra. At the age of 7, he already had enough chakra to use his clan's signature fire technique, something Kakashi was very surprised, even when Sasuke performed it at age 12, as such techniques usually require more experience and development in chakra. In Part II, he was able to summon Manda, a high level summon, while in a weakened state to protect himself from Deidara's suicide-bomb technique. Sasuke was also able to use many highly chakra-consuming techniques several times a day, exampled by his reckless usage of all three of his Mangekyō Sharingan techniques against Danzō and the other Kage multiple times, among other techniques like the Chidori. Quality-wise, Sasuke's chakra is noted to be very foul and powerful. When Sasuke first arrived at the Land of Sound and gave Kabuto a frightening glare, both he and Orochimaru took note of Sasuke's exceptional chakra. The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox points out that Sasuke has the same foul chakra as Madara's, whose chakra was particularly strong even amongst the Uchiha.[14] Karin has also mentioned that Sasuke's chakra, as he approached the point of manifesting Susanoo, had become even darker and colder than the corrupting influence of the Cursed Seal of Heaven in its second stage; it has since continued to grow even more potent along with the development of Susanoo.

Under Orochimaru's training, Sasuke has developed an immunity towards most of poisons, to a level that the one Sakura learned from Shizune would not affect him.[15] However, he was not immune to the effects of Orochimaru's true form's poisonous blood.

Although Sasuke has been skilled with taijutsu since the start of the series, his skills improved drastically after his first encounter with Rock Lee. By emulating some of Lee's moves he was able to create the Lion Combo. In the anime, during the second stage of the Chūnin Exams, he was able to match Orochimaru in hand-to-hand combat with the help of his Sharingan. Under Kakashi's tutelage, he improved his taijutsu by coping more of Lee's Strong Fist. With this increase he was able to overwhelm Gaara during their initial fight. He was also able to outfight the entire Sound Four for a good amount of time. In the various times they fought, Sasuke was able to match and even defeat Naruto in hand-to-hand combat. In the anime, he was also able to easily fend off countless numbers of Nine-Tails-enhanced Naruto clones by using only taijutsu without getting hit. After the time-skip under Orochimaru's guidance, Sasuke further improved his taijutsu. His increase in skill allowed him to easily defeat, without killing, hundreds of Oto-nin in a single battle without sustaining so much as a scratch to himself. He was also able to keep up with Itachi in taijutsu during their fight. In the anime, he was also able to hold his own against Kakashi in a taijutsu fight.

Aside from his taijutsu skills, Sasuke has an above-average level of physical strength. He was able to lift up both Naruto and Sakura by the throat using only one hand and carry a unconscious Killer B over his shoulder (which was actually one of the Eight-Tail's tentacles) despite being weakened after he thought he defeated him. He has also shown high levels of durability and endurance as after he was enhanced by the Mind Awakening Pill, he was able to survive being battered, thrown and slammed around by a Nine-Tails-fueled Naruto, survived getting hit in the neck by A's Lightning Release Armour enhanced backhand chop (though one of his Susanoo's ribs partially absorbed the blow before cracking) and was fully willing to being stabbed by Danzō's wind chakra-infused kunai in order to fatally wound him without immediately collapsing from his own wound. Even in a near-blind and battered state from fights against the Kage and overusing the Mangekyō Sharingan, he was still able retain enough stamina to fight against Kakashi, restrain and disarm Sakura and later match Naruto's Rasengan attack with his own Chidori.

Since the start of the series, Sasuke showed a high level of speed as he was the first to react to the Demon Brothers ambush. After being trained in chakra control by Kakashi he was able to hold his own to Haku's speed during their second encounter. He later trained to mimic Lee's speed in order to effectively use the Chidori in battle and was able to match it in only a month. With this new speed he was able to completely outrun Gaara's sand defence. After his Sharingan fully develops, he was also able to match the speed of both Naruto's initial jinchūriki form and one-tailed form during their fight, though with the latter, Sasuke wasn't able to completely dodge the demon shroud. After the time-skip, due to Orochimaru's training, Sasuke's already impressive speed saw a huge leap, allowing him to move huge distances in the blink of an eye as if by teleportation. Likewise he was able to evade attacks from extremely fast shinobi such as Killer B's Lariat, and A's Elbow, though he credited the evasion to his Sharingan reading the linear moves. He also greatly increased his speed at making hand seals, being able to do many in a blur and launch an enormous amount of weapons just as quickly, as seen during his fight with Itachi. His physical improvements are so great that Sakura even suspected that he had been given drugs to improve his physical capabilities.

During his stay with Orochimaru, Sasuke was trained in kenjutsu and received a chokutō becoming an expert swordsman. He is shown using his blade in every one of his later fights, using it in either a normal or reverse grip, this becoming an important element in his fighting style. With these abilities he was able to incapacitate hundreds of Oto-nin without killing them. His skills with a blade are better shown during Five Kage Summit where he was able to easily outfight and kill multiple samurai (who are trained specifically in swordplay) and even block an attack from Mifune, a master swordsman who acknowledged Sasuke's ability.

Sasuke is also capable of channeling his Chidori through his blade increasing it's cutting power and paralysing anyone stabbed by it. This is powerful enough to slice through a chakra wave created by a similar sword technique. If for some reason Sasuke finds himself disarmed he can shape his Chidori into a makeshift extendable blade.

Initially, Orochimaru gave Sasuke the snake contract. Sasuke can also use Snake Authority Spell to summon snakes from his hands to attack or bind opponents. After absorbing Orochimaru, Sasuke gained access to Orochimaru's regenerative powers that allowed him to heal at a much faster rate than usual. He was also able to summon snakes from any part of his body, and could use Orochimaru's body shedding technique to shed his skin and produce a new body, thus repairing any damage he sustained. After Itachi sealed Orochimaru away, his Cursed Seal was removed, and it is implied he also lost these additional powers.

Sasuke has not used any snake techniques since that battle with Itachi, even against Killer B, raising doubts as to whether he even had the snake contract (a fact that was never confirmed in the manga). It should be noted that the tattoo on his left arm, which he used for summoning snakes vanished after the fight with Itachi, implying that he lost this ability with Orochimaru's removal. It is then likely that all his snake techniques were a result of absorbing Orochimaru. To symbolise his ascension from snakes (i.e. Orochimaru's power) he changed his team's name from Hebi (snake) to Taka (hawk).

It is revealed that his animal-oriented techniques have also changed to a hawk as shown from him summoning a hawk that he used to fly around on during his fight with Danzō. It is unknown when he made a contract with them.
Nature Transformation Edit
Sasuke activates Kirin.

Proving himself a true genius ninja and member of the Uchiha, Sasuke has repeatedly shown great proficiency in fire-based techniques. By the age of 7, he had already mastered his clan's rite of passage technique, the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. Even Kakashi was amazed at such a feat as, according to him, Genin usually require much more experience and developed chakra to perform elemental techniques. He has also shown combining his fire skills with weapons for techniques like Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique and Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique. Hoping to encourage Sasuke not to use the Cursed Seal, Kakashi taught him how to use the Chidori, made more effective when combined with his Sharingan. With this combination, Sasuke can punch through the strongest obstacles with relative ease, as well as severely damaging any opponent. In Part I, Sasuke was limited to using the attack only twice a day, with a third usage after the initial activation of his cursed seal. During their battle, A commended Sasuke's Chidori for being able to break through his Lightning Release Armour despite inflicting minimal damage.

Over the time-skip, Sasuke put a great deal of development into the Chidori's ability to manipulate lightning-based chakra. When first seen in Part II, he was able to use Chidori Current to emit electricity from all over his body as a shield that stuns those it comes into contact with. He can also channel the Chidori through his new katana through "chakra flow", giving the blade extreme cutting power and allowing it to numb anyone it cuts. He can also concentrate it into more solid forms like senbon and a sword, allowing him to make more precise attacks.

Sasuke's most powerful original technique is Kirin, a lightning technique that uses actual lightning as opposed to chakra. If there are no thunder clouds available, Sasuke can use a powerful fire release technique to create thunder clouds. Sasuke then takes control of the lightning, shapes it into a kirin, and then brings the lightning down on his target. The technique is so powerful that it has the ability to destroy a mountain.

After adjusting to his new Mangekyō Sharingan powers, Sasuke has developed an advanced Fire Release known as the Blaze Release; an element that draws its power from Amaterasu. Aside from unleashing a wave of unquenchable black flames that incinerates everything that reflects in his eyesight, Sasuke can control the movement of the flames into surrounding him and creating spikes to protect himself.
Sharingan Edit
Sasuke's Sharingan.

As a member of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke possesses the Sharingan, the clan's kekkei genkai. It first developed during Itachi's departure from Konoha after the Uchiha clan massacre, with one tomoe in each eye, but Sasuke would later forget he had activated the Sharingan due to being traumatised by the incident. He was able to reactivate it for the first time during the battle with Haku on the Great Naruto Bridge, where he had one tomoe in his left eye, and two in his right. By the time of his fight with Rock Lee it had matured into two tomoe in each eye. It eventually reached completion, with three tomoe in each eye, during his battle with Naruto at the Valley of the End near the end of Part I. Sasuke was able to put the Sharingan to good use in Part I after his brief encounter with Rock Lee. Although their fight was ended soon after its start, and Sasuke was unable to see much of Lee's arsenal, what he was able to copy with his Sharingan was utilised for the duration of the Chūnin Exams.

While his ability with the Sharingan was fairly ordinary during Part I, Sasuke is able to develop a number of more novel uses for it in Part II. During his encounter with Naruto, Sasuke was able to use his Sharingan to enter Naruto's subconscious, where he proceeded to suppress the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's chakra. In this instance, the demon compared Sasuke's eyes and chakra to that of Madara, which it claimed was even more sinister than its own.[14] His Sharingan genjutsu abilities have also increased over the time skip, allowing him to easily hypnotise opponents (to the point of affecting someone without emotions like Sai) and to control a summoned creature as mighty as Manda. When Orochimaru later tried to take over his body, Sasuke was able to use his Sharingan to fight the process and turn it against Orochimaru. His skill with the Sharingan has grown to the point where he could overcome the Mangekyō Sharingan genjutsu, Tsukuyomi, as seen during his battle with Itachi.
Mangekyō Sharingan Edit
Sasuke's Mangekyō Sharingan.

Sasuke awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan after the death of his older brother, Itachi. Sasuke's Mangekyō takes the appearance of three intersecting ellipses. Unlike other Sharingan, which have a black design and red background, Sasuke's Mangekyō is the first one that is shown to have a red design and a black background.
Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.

As with Itachi, Sasuke's Mangekyō Sharingan damages his eyesight every time he uses it, causing his eyes to bleed and caused him pain and extreme fatigue. While resting after his fight with Killer B, Sasuke found that his vision was slightly blurred and during his battle with Kakashi, unleashing Susanoo's completed form caused his vision to almost fade. Although Sasuke initially refused Itachi's eyes, after his conversation with Naruto, Sasuke finally had Madara transplant Itachi's eyes to him. His "Eternal" Mangekyō took the shape of his old Mangekyō Sharingan, with an altered version of Itachi's Mangekyō Sharingan design in the centre. His left eye appears to have the inner Mangekyō design flipped upside down.

The first ability Sasuke has displayed using the Mangekyō is genjutsu presumed to be Tsukuyomi, as it broke the victim's will and induced paralysis.[16][17] During their battle, Danzō denounced Sasuke's skill with genjutsu, reiterating Itachi's ability to alter a victim's impression of space and time while under his Tsukuyomi. The second ability was Amaterasu, which Itachi implanted within his eyes before his death. When Sasuke first used it unintentionally against Madara, his eyes assumed the appearance of Itachi's Mangekyō Sharingan. When he later used it on his own, they took the form of his own Mangekyō Sharingan. Various characters have implied that his skill with Amaterasu surpasses Itachi's, as he is able to control the flames with his right eye, although both can extinguish them.
Sasuke's new Susanoo.

Sasuke has also displayed the ability to use Susanoo, which he can use in the same manner as his Cursed Seal, manifesting single parts at a time; the technique's development is dependent on Sasuke's hatred. Sasuke initially uses incomplete versions of Susanoo due to various reasons. During his fight with Danzō, he uses a more complete version, and demonstrates its ability to use different weapons. Later on, during his fight with Kakashi, he perfected his Susanoo into an armoured form similar to Itachi's. His Susanoo underwent a new change following the acquisition of the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, as the armour's hood gained a beak-like shape and it wields a black weapon in its right foremost hand, a black orb in the second and another weapon in its left hand. The last ability Sasuke demonstrated with his Mangekyō Sharingan was a technique that manipulates the black flames of Amaterasu known as Blaze Release. Unlike Itachi, Sasuke's Amaterasu comes from his left eye, and his genjutsu comes from his right eye, along with his ability to manipulate and extinguish the black flames.
Intelligence Edit

From a young age, Sasuke has been able to easily learn various ninjutsu, scoring top marks in academy tests and being referred as a genius by several shinobi. He is a proficient strategist and during fights, he easily observes his opponents and accurately sees through their abilities while remaining calm. He then correctly chooses the most effective means and ninjutsu to counter them. Sasuke can deduce a technique's elemental property from the seals performed by its user, as he shows in his battle against Deidara. He is then able to determine the attack's range from the colour of the chakra.[3].

Likewise, he is capable of outsmarting older and more experienced shinobi, such as Danzō Shimura during their battle, when he fooled him into revealing his use of Izanagi and later using a right-timed genjutsu in order to trick him into believing that Izanagi was still active. His resolution enables him to pick strategies in which he requires getting hurt in order to defeat the enemy, thereby showing tremendous endurance and willpower

His intelligence also allowed him to develop many powerful techniques on his own, all based on the one technique his teacher taught him. From the Chidori, Sasuke mastered the principles of Lightning Release, and created many innovative techniques that are derived from it. He was also able to combine techniques together to create the right atmosphere for the Kirin, utilising weather manipulation to create a powerful thunderstorm


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