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Name: The Destroyer
From: Borderlands
Key weapons:...
Strength-9, speed-2, endurance-7, Intelligence-8

The Destroyer does not move throughout the battle. It has multiple weak spots: Its eye, the glowing spots on the tentacles and its mouth/tongue. The Destroyer has a truly prodigious amount of health, as befits an extra-dimensional, godlike being of destruction.

At the beginning of the fight, and throughout the battle, the Destroyer will sprout a set of purple tentacles with glowing orbs near their bases. These tentacles throw purple, explosive spikes that can arc over cover, thus it is imperative to destroy these tentacles when they appear. These spikes can be destroyed by shooting the glowing orbs near the bases of the tentacles. These tentacles also count as separate enemies; severing one of them will activate 'On Kill' buffs and can trigger a second wind. They can also drop ammunition when they are destroyed.

The Destroyer will also lash out with its two reddish tentacles. These can't be destroyed, but these attacks are fairly obvious and easy to avoid, and only happens occasionally in any case. More often it will lift its red tentacles into the air and slam them into the ground, releasing a shockwave that launches nearby characters back. This can be avoided by hiding behind any of the stone pillars that litter the battlefield. After taking a decent amount of damage, The Destroyer will sprout two more red tentacles.

As the battle progresses, The Destroyer will also unleash a concentrated blast of pure energy from its glowing eye. The charging of this beam can be heard before it is unleashed. This is a very damaging attack and is difficult to dodge, but it can be avoided by hiding behind most of the rocky pillars. This attack is used frequently as a follow up to its tentacle slam, and characters caught by it may be knocked away from cover and unable to reach safety by the time the Destroyer unleashes the beam. The beam attack also has a knock-back effect, so attempts to stay in the back of the area, out of range of some of its tentacles, can result in being knocked off the cliff. Sometimes the beam can be seen piercing a pillar, although the stone will block the damage regardless.


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