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Albert Wesker Wesker

Name:Albert Wesker
From: Resident Evil
Key weapons: Strength
Strength-9, speed-10, endurance-7, Intelligence-9

Before injecting himself with the Experimental virus that Birkin gave him, Wesker was already skilled at Martial Arts(mostly Karate), with his cold blooded attitude Wesker showed no sign of fear and was able to defend himself against a horde of Zombies and Tyrants (Ivan, T-001, Lisa Trevor, and Sergei Vladimir in mutated form). Wesker injected himself with the virus and let himself get killed by the T-002. As a result of his viral injection, Wesker was granted a number of superhuman abilities, essentially becoming Umbrella's most powerful Tyrant. Wesker demonstrated incredible speed, reflexes, agility and strength, and he often took great pleasure in showing off his power to intimidate his foes. These attributes gave him a number of advanced combat capabilities. The virus he injected also had the added ability of hardening his skeleton and skin, to the point that attempting to punch him or engage in hand-to hand combat would most likely result in fractured limbs on the part of the attacker. This is demonstrated in RE5 when attempting to attack Wesker up close as Chris during context sensitive events. Punching him will result in Chris grimacing and shaking the punching hand to alleviate the pain.

Notable achievements of his hyper-accelerated speed, reaction time, and reflexes included being capable of dodging bullets at practically point blank range with nearly no effort (including rapidfire, multiple shot weapons, grenades, and Rocket Launchers), being able to cover great distances in short time (relatively equal to the time it would take using a fast vehicle), and performing short dashes of speed faster than the normal human brain could process (causing him to appear to be teleporting).

Some say that due to the virus he did not change in appearance (still youthful) although he is aging (48), and made him smarter. Ironically, his own serum was also his greatest weakness, overdoses of the serum would cause him to be poisoned (although he didn't live long enough to know if he can heal from it). The overdose of serum caused his vision to deteriorate, his reflexes to be slowed slightly (though he still remained lethal and could dodge some attacks) and blood veins to pop out on his head, which also caused him to experience debilitating headaches. Also his sunglasses (which he usually never takes off) makes him nearly blind in low light situations, a weakness which could and was exploited by his nemesis Chris Redfield.

After absorbing large amounts of Uroboros from the missle (seemingly in the process of bonding with the virus). He became even more resistant to damage, much stronger, gained the ability to use electricity (although it might have been friction), increased regeneration, obtained the use of the leaches, and finally higher jumping ability. It wasn't shown if he had any increase in speed, since he was walking. Although one might assume he did. If he bonded to the virus. He could have become more than just a superhuman.

Notable achievements of his increased strength included being able to lift large missiles with one hand and throwing them, lifting large steel girders off his body, lifting an adult human off the ground with one hand effortlessly, thrusting straight through the chest of a person with his fingertips, killing a chimera B.O.W. with just one kick, sending someone flying with a single backhand swipe, and punching through a solid sheet steel missile with his hand to infect himself with Uroboros.

The injection also gave Wesker a low-level rapid healing factor which, coupled with his incredible endurance, rendered him nearly invincible to conventional damage. A rocket exploding right in his hands was only sufficient to weaken him for a moment, and thousands of pounds of steel falling a few stories on top of him failed to even incapacitate him, merely dazing him for a few brief seconds, and despite having his face hideously burned at close range, he quickly healed up.

With these powers, Wesker mainly did not require weaponry other than his brute strength during combat, combined with a sufficient strategy and some meticulous observation. He did keep his handgun holstered at all times, and was known to never let his guard down, even outside the battlefield. Still, Wesker's arrogance and superiority complex over his enemies would lead to his downfall.


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