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Name:Grimmjow Jaegerjaques
From: Bleach
Key weapons:Pantera, Cero
Strength-8, speed-9, endurance-8, Intelligence-8

Grimmjow is the sixth Espada, therefore making him the sixth most powerful arrancar in Aizen's army. He has no unique abilities other than those in his released state, however he does make regular use of generic hollow techniques.

Cero: A commonly red colored blast of concentrated spiritual power which Grimmjow fires from the palm of his hand.

Bala: Significantly weaker than the cero, but travels several times faster.

Gran Rey Cero: A blue colored, much more powerful variation of cero exclusive to Espada in which the user's blood is mixed with their spiritual power. Thus far, Grimmjow is the only one shown using this technique.

Sonído: A high-speed movement technique comparable to the soul reaper's "flash step." Grimmjow was easily keep up with Ichigo's high speed movement in bankai using Sonído in his unreleased state.

Hand to Hand: Grimmjow is quite proficient at hand-to-hand combat, defeating Ichigo in bankai twice with his bare hands and fighting on par with Ulquiorra, who is two ranks above him.

Expert Swordsmanship: Grimmjow has displayed exceptional swordsmanship skills, though there is no actual style or technique to it. Like Kenpachi Zaraki, he fights wielding his sword with only one hand.

Like a soul reaper, Grimmjow possesses a zanpakutō which is called Pantera (lit. panther; Japanese: "panther king"). Its guard resembles a crooked "S" and the handle and sheath are light blue. The release command for his zanpakutō is grind (kishire), referring to grinding one's teeth. In his resurrección, Grimmjow's speed and agility are substantially increased. He gains thick skin that covers almost his whole body which can repel attacks from even sharp objects such as swords. He also has very sharp feline claws which can tear even the toughest materials. Additionally, he can fire spikes from his elbow which have incredible destructive force capable of demolishing giant pillars.

Grimmjow's strongest, deadliest technique is called Desgarrón (lit. rip, tear; Japanese: "panther king claws"). In the technique, he forms large claws with his spiritual power from his fingertips and throws them at his opponent.


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