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Galen Marek, StarKiller Starkiller

Name:Galen Marek A.K.A The Apprentice A.K.A StarKiller
From:Star Wars, The Force unleashed
Key weapons:Force, Light Saber
Strength-8, speed-9, endurance-8, Intelligence-7

Lightsaber trainingEdit

Marek "sparring" with PROXY.

"…can't identify the style, and it would help me understand you if you'd tell me who your original teacher was."
―Rahm Kota commentating on Galen Marek's combat style.[src]

Galen Marek's early lightsaber training consisted of a simple tutorial in the basics, before Darth Vader took to fighting him in brutal sparring matches, the goal being to encourage his apprentice to develop his own methods. He sparred frequently with his master, as well as engaging in many vicious duels with his training droid, PROXY, and won every single time. An incredibly skilled lightsaber duelist, Marek was able to defeat the droid's training programs replicating some legendary duelists such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul. Marek was able to defeat Rahm Kota, Kazdan Paratus and Maris Brood, and he even managed to overwhelm Shaak Ti and his former Master Darth Vader, both of whom were two of the greatest duellists of their time.[3]

Marek had a basic familiarity with all seven forms of lightsaber combat, able to recognize them in his opponent's style and technique. For himself, he specialized in Juyo, Shien and Soresu. His application of Juyo was highly focused and aggressive, his style being randomized and unpredictable, laced with sudden Force-based attacks in the midst of complex lightsaber sequences. His focus and concentration allowed him to bring down opponents through sheer tenacity, though it also led him to ignore his surroundings and left him open to attacks from other directions.[3]

Whenever forced onto the defensive, he would fall back on his practice of Soresu. Marek's Form III usage was largely self-taught, his skills acquired through imitation of PROXY's Obi-Wan Kenobi combat module. Despite his lack of formal training, Marek's prowess in Soresu was considerable. A notable application of his improvised Form III usage was during his duel with Rahm Kota, where Marek's skill enabled him to hold off Kota's Juyo frenzy long enough to tire out the Jedi. Marek also proved able to defend himself against other highly aggressive duelists such as Kazdan Paratus and Maris Brood, ultimately allowing him to defeat them.[3]

Marek was also highly skilled in the use of Shien, heavily favoring the unorthodox reversed grip of the form. He practiced a variant of the style known as "Sith Shien", a fighting method that relied on sudden and rapid attacks to bring down an opponent quickly.[1]
Force powersEdit

"You are Vader's slave…but your power is wasted with him. You could be so much more."
―Shaak Ti commenting on Galen Marek's incredible Force potential[src]

Galen Marek had the potential to be one of the most powerful Force users in Jedi and Sith history.

Galen Marek was exceptionally powerful in the Force, with the potential to become one of the most powerful Force-users of all time. Darth Sidious believed that Marek had the potential to become an equal to himself.

Marek's skills with Telekinesis were such that he could catch TIE fighters in mid-flight, or clear entire hallways and rooms with powerful Force pushes and repulses. Proficient at telekinetic lightsaber combat, he would often direct his lightsabers to seek out specific enemies and impale them, often killing them instantly. He was even able to redirect fired missiles and ballistics. His abilities with telekinesis were such that he could, albeit with great effort, rip an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer out of the sky and force it to the ground. However, he was also able to apply it in a more precise manner, dismantling and reassembling his lightsaber during his meditations.[1]

Marek was also a master practitioner of Force lightning. He could cast energy so powerful that it would kill an opponent with a single blast, and he was able to target more than one foe at a time. He was also able to chain lightning attacks into his lightsaber strikes, even amplifying blade attacks with sudden arcs of energy. He also applied lightning in a more tactical manner, charging up or shorting out certain types of machinery. Not only could he conjure incredible amounts of lightning, but he was also an expert at deflecting it, as demonstrated when he battled Sidious aboard the Death Star.[1]

Marek also demonstrated a proficient grasp of Mind trick, able to compel subjects to do his bidding, ignore his presence, or even fall asleep. In battle, he would use this skill to confuse enemies and spread disorganization and chaos.[3]

Despite his incredible combative Force powers, however, Marek had great difficulty with voluntary Farsight, until his eventual conversion to the light.[3]


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