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Zero, The digital Warrior Zero

Key weapons:Z-buster, Z-saber
Strength-8, speed-9, endurance-8, Intelligence-9

The ultimate result of the infamous Dr. Albert Wily's research, Zero was built with the intention of surpassing anything Wily had built before, and to destroy his long time nemesis's creation, Megaman, as well as his own misguided creation, Bass. Being made before the introduction of standard mass produced Reploids and during the construction of X, his internal processes and construction are considered to be more advanced than most known robotics and on par with X's parameters and capabilities.

He is initially outfitted with an armament known as the Z-Buster, an arm cannon capable of firing of blasts of energy as well as manipulating it to launch it in special variations and projections.

During the X2 series and onward, Zero adopts and becomes the user of the Z-Saber, a beam sword not unlike a lightsaber in certain aspects, and is his trademark weapon. Not only capable of manifesting itself as a beam of light, it is also capable changing its energy patterns to manifest in different colors, states of energy such as fire and ice, and even into various masses and metal.

Zero is also outfitted with the Learning System, a system not unlike the Variable Weapons System in its copying and adaptation of certain weapons, but adapts various abilities and techniques of opponents and enemies, and even goes as far as copying the kind of power emitted from the attack, should it have energy projection.

However, underneath his exterior displays of ability and power, just like X, Zero holds an immense and potentially limitless capability for adaptation and power.

■Hadangeki (Wave Severing Attack) - Fires a wave from his sword, the H version fires two waves in very quick succession. Origin is MMX7.
■Ryuuenjin (Dragon Flame Blade) - A flaming sword rising uppercut. Comes from MMX4. Unlike TvC this move can't be used in the air since the input command for this is the same as Raikousen which is an air only attack, and little-to-no 'hitlag' than in TvC.
■Shippuuga (Hurricane Fang) - Turning dash slash attack from MMX4, now colored orange instead of pink. Meant for BnB combos, can now cancel in to launcher unlike TvC. The move now seems to pack less range, and the assist version does one hit instead of three hits.
■Kuuenzan (Air Circling Slash) - Zero's jumping H/C attack, which no longer finishes air combos like in TvC. Zero performs a frontward-somersaulting slash in midair. Comes from MMX4, but variations of this move appear in other Mega Man games involving Zero's appearance. If performed during a super jump(TVC) or as 2C during a jump(MVC3), Zero will perform the Kuuenzan while facing backwards.
■Sentsuizan (Spinning Chaser Slash) - An aerial version of Shippuuga, a diving slash attack in midair, the L/A version is a fake. Origin is MMX6.
■Hienkyaku (Flying Swallow Feet) - A dashing teleport move from MMX4, but provides no invincibility. Can dash in two different directions on the ground, or three in midair. Used for crossups and other certain practical uses, such as extending combos.
■Hyper Zero Buster - Holding A, B,C or Dash makes Zero charge his buster, and releasing it makes him fire it. Can be used in midair. If all three buttons have been used to dash, you cannot use other attacks until released. Unlike in TvC, it can now pierce the opponent for 3 hits, and flies more faster when fully charged and has different colors. Origin is MMX3, which is the only MMX game where Zero can use his Z-Buster while at the same time is given the feature of charging it.
■Raikousen (Lightning Ray Flash) - Zero dashes forward with saber extended followed shortly by a streak of lightning, its angle can be changed going low or high. Comes from MMX8 although its color is blue now instead of violet.

Hyper CombosEdit
■Rekkouha (Rending Light Supremacy) (Level 1) - Giga Attack from MMX6. Punches the ground with a charged up Z-Buster, bringing down a salvo of rainbow-colored pillars of energy onto the opponent. Appears differently than in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, with a more localized area of effect and many more hits. This can lead to brutal DHC's if one manages to have a midair Hyper Combo pulled off during a normal air combo.
■Sougenmu (Twin Phantasms) (Level 1) - Creates a shadow copy of himself that mimics his actions and doubles his hits from attacks. The shadow is now colored gray as opposed to blue, and now powers up all actions instead of just special moves(other than Hienkyaku). Power up attack from MMX5. Appears differently than in MMX: Command Mission, where the shadow was colored red and the attack was named Heat Haze. The gray coloring is possibly a reference to Copy man, a similar move used by the Robot Master Astro Man.
■Ittou Ryoudan: Genmu Zero/Genmurei (One Sworded Double Severing: Phantasm Zero) (Level 3) - Zero leaps up and pivots himself before launching a huge, supersonic energy wave from his saber. Based from MMX5 when fought as a boss, namely the 'Awakened' (or 'Maverick') form of Zero. 'Itto Ryodan' is the art of cutting an opponent in two with a single stroke, and also references its use as an instant killing attack in its debut.

Zero can fight from both far and close, being able to put pressure from afar with his Hadangeki and Zero Buster, or extending brutal combos(e.g: Combo into a launcher while charging a Z-Buster, air combo finishing with Z-Buster, downward Hienkyaku to reach ground quickly, then repeat). Zero also has a strong meter build as he combos his opponent, making his Hyper Combos quick to use if needed. Be aware that Zero is actually somewhat nerfed from his TvC counterpart, so some of his more popular combos from there have to be done in a different fashion. Despite this, Zero's new tools and tweaks can help him with that.


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